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December 12, 2019


Zhengzhou Limeiqi Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd, is the first manufacturer of amusement equipment in Henan Province and the first export enterprise. It has been exported to more than 100 countries and has become the most important amusement equipment manufacturer in the government.


We have been very grateful for so many years, thanks to the support of all our customers, we are also the designated manufacturer of many customers.

So we have an activity now: a promotion and salesman's PK competition, this is the first time we have organized such an event, the time is from Nov.18, 2019 to Jan.16, 2020.


First, in order to give back to customers, thank you for your support for so many years.

Second, 60 days from the Chinese New Year, we also understand that all salesmen want to get more orders to finish 2019 perfectly;


Because, Chinese culture, the New Year is the time of harvest, so during this period, our price is the lowest price in history, the promotional products are the most popular products in the world, also are our main products, we will remove all profits, and we will bear some of our own costs and show our sincerity, there is absolutely no profit. we don’t expect to make profits in these 60 days. Please believe.  


Remark: Our company solemnly promises that the price in this 60 days period is the lowest price, and will never appear in the future. If there is a price lower than this price later, our company will refund the difference to customers, hereby declare!

Zhengzhou Limeiqi Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd.