Dophlin IslandDophlin IslandDophlin Island
Dophlin IslandDophlin IslandDophlin Island

Dophlin Island

Model Number J7
Area/diameter 9m
Height 3.5m
Equipment diameter 7.5m
Power 4kw
Voltage 380v
Capacity 24persons
Material Fiber glass and stainless steel
Certificate ISO, CE, BV
Use  Amusement park ,Fairground, Outdoor ground

Dolphin Island is a new type of rotating amusement equipment. There are a variety of cartoon shapes on the market, some can be shaken, some can be sprayed with water, and the unique cockpit design and bright colors make up this classic rotating amusement equipment. It is one of the most advanced amusement equipments in China. The overall appearance of the equipment is based on the theme of marine animals. It highlights the dolphins. In particular, there are five huge cartoon dolphins on the top of the island center, which are sturdy and interesting. This device is well-received by teenagers and children. It is a joyful entertainment program that promotes health and intelligence development, giving people a feeling of relaxed and active fighting at sea.


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