Firery PhoenixFirery PhoenixFirery Phoenix
Firery PhoenixFirery PhoenixFirery Phoenix

Firery Phoenix

Place of Origin

Henan, China (Mainland)

Equipment altitude 4.8 m (not contain ornaments)
Movement altitude 9.1 m
Rotation Diameter 13.4 m
Fixed crew member 40
Cabin speed 5.1m/s
Supply voltage AC
Total power 118 kW
Platter flat turn off centre 2.265m
Area 20 m×17 m 

Fiery Phoenix t is a large and high speed rotating amusement equipment, high- speed rotary visitors on the large disc, with rhythmic music, the body moves with the disc.  When the disc is running, as sea waves bumps, and like a space flying UFO.It’s thrilling and interesting, loved by young persons very much.

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