Honey JarHoney Jar
Honey JarHoney Jar

Honey Jar

Model Number G8
Height 1.6m
Area Diameter 3.5m
Material FRP
Power 1KW
Capacity 8
Packing according to customers
Shipping as your requested
Warranty 6 months for electric sections,1 year for mechanical parts
Use time Over 5 years

Honey Jar, a small rotary cup device, a kind of imitating coffee cup rotating children's amusement equipment. The cockpit is made of high-quality glass steel. Each playhouse-shaped cup has two naughty cute bees collecting honey. The whole shape is very dreamy cartoon. The effect, the novel flower + bee styling is deeply loved by the children. "Honey Jar" is a new type of amusement equipment consisting of mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic and electrical systems. It is a rotating amusement device that rotates about the center of a vertical axis and the cockpit itself can rotate.


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