Rotary Octopus ⅡRotary Octopus ⅡRotary Octopus Ⅱ
Rotary Octopus ⅡRotary Octopus ⅡRotary Octopus Ⅱ

Rotary Octopus Ⅱ

Model Number N30
Area 15m
Height 4.8m
Power 31KW
Capacity 40
Cabin No. 20
Packing according to customers
Shipping as your requested
Warranty 6 months for electric sections,1 year for mechanical parts
Use time Over 5 years



Rotary Octopus Ⅱ is LMQ new product, it have 1 generation features, and add more LED light, more beautiful, and the seats are changed, total 20, 2 generation can capacity 40 persons,  It resembles an octopus. It fluctuates at any time and it can be turned at any time. Each seat can be double seated. After seating, it is like a fish, a happy and buoyant swell. It also resembles a dragon flying in the air. Fast or slow, you can adjust it at any time. It is a new type of entertainment machine for all ages. It has novel design, unique structure and attractive appearance. The novel lighting and sounding music enable people to experience the joy of dizziness while enjoying the thrill of rotating and lifting, giving people a feeling of easy stimulation.


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