Animal Turntable
Animal Turntable

Animal Turntable

Model Number G9
Diameter 5m
Height 2m
Material FRP
Power 5.5KW
Capacity 12
Packing according to customers
Shipping as your requested
Use time Over 5 years
Usage playgrounds, squares, parks, etc

Animal turntable is a kind of children's amusement facilities. It has the characteristics of a horse, but it is a unique and novel equipment with a new design and concept. The animal carousel is currently a new type of amusement device. Its beautiful outer ring and cute cartoon shape capture the hearts of many children. The device has no roof and has a wider field of vision. The animals above are very cute, work fine, and the turntable rotates. The animals above will be extremely popular with music, suitable for places such as shopping malls and children's amusement parks.


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