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How to Install Amusement Rides' Bearings

April 20, 2018

Bearings are a common but necessary part of amusement rides. We need to install the bearings and ensure they are all tight and secure for the safety of both the rides and passengers. So, what skills do you need to master when installing the bearings?

(1) Installation method of using copper rod and hammer. In the installation small and medium-sized rolling bearings, using manual hammer is a relatively simple method. When the bearings are installed into the shaft, the hammer is not allowed to directly beat the outer ring but use other additional tools such as copper stick knock uniformly along the bearing inner ring knock. Do not knock only one side and do not use too much force, but should gently tap and slowly add the strength.

(2) Installation of using casing. The advantage of the casing installation method is that with the percussion of the casing, the force can be evenly distributed throughout the ferrule end of the rides' apparatus bearing and can be used with the press. Manufacturing casing should be paid attention, such as if the rides' bearing are installed on the shaft, the pipe diameter should be slightly larger than the shaft diameter, the thickness of the bearings is 2/3-4/5 of the inner ring,  and both ends of the pipe should be smooth and vertical to the tube. When installing the bearing outer ring into the casing, the outer diameter of the casing is slightly smaller than the outer diameter of the bearing.

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