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Maintenance Methods of Large Amusement Rides

May 16, 2018

Large amusement rides have many series and types, and each of them needs to be maintained for a longer service life. So we should know about some maintenance methods in order to take full use our rides. Today, LIMEIQI will discuss some maintenance methods for reference.

First, the maintenance work of large amusement rides should be carried out by qualified maintenance unit or use unit of large amusement rides.

Second, maintenance and repairs of large amusement rides are not allowed to be subcontracted in any form.

Third, safety administrative stuff and maintenance stuff of large amusement rides should obey national relative regulations, and should be qualified and issued qualification certificate by relative department, then they can undertake the job.

Fourth, during the maintenance process, in the work site workers should not be less than 2 persons; safety protection treasures should be practiced.

Fifth, durable years of large amusement rides should never be longer than the regulated years by relative national rules or design review report; if the service life is beyond the requirement, these large amusement rides need to be updated, or renovated by qualified unit, then can be put in practice after passing inspection.

Sixth, maintenance should be recorded and be signed by relative stuff.

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