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These Safety Standards You Must Know

December 12, 2017

These safety standards you's better know, and why? Because it maybe do you a wonderful kindness, no matter who you are, an owner of amusement parks or customers. There are so many kinds of amusement rides on the market, such a s carousel rides, self-control plane rides and so on. Some thrill rides are really thrilling, but people feel that maybe the children rides are always supposed to the safer ones, actually there is still safety risks. Then today let's talk about the amusement ride safety standard.


1. Safety measures

Safety measures

ome amusement rides whose seats are in the air are very well-set, such as LIMEIQI flying chair, the seats is double insurance. The important parts should take safety precautions and the amount of wire-rope or chain that support people seat should not less than two.

When the amusement rides are in operation, the power supply suddenly power off, it must be equipped with automatic or manual emergency parking device. After the accident, there must be measures to divert the passengers.


2. Passenger safety device.

Passenger safety device

When the amusement ride is running, passengers may be thrown out or slide out, so it must be equipped with a person-binding device. For amusement rides with greater risk, two sets of independent binding devices should be considered when necessary.

Tie-down safety: Should be reliable, comfortable, with the person directly in contact with the parts have the appropriate flexibility. The design of the binding device should be able to prevent  person from being clamped or crushed. And it should be easy to adjust and easy to operate.

Seat belts: The use of seat belts should normally be equipped with auxiliary handles, which can be used solely for slight swings or slow movements, without turning over to a facility that is not at risk of being thrown out.

Safety Bar: It has the sufficient strength and the locking force, and guarantees the passengers not to be thrown out or falls. Besides it is always in the lock state before the equipment stops running.


3. Security fence & Security platform

Security fence

This work can be referred for human evacuation design and emergency management in other similar cases. The safety fence should be set up and exported separately, and the guide bar should be set up at the inlet. The platform should have non-slip measures. The safety gate should be opened in a direction consistent with the person's travel direction (except in exceptional circumstances). The part of the import and export should not be higher than platform 300mm.


4.Other safety requirements

The marked safety signs are divided into four types, such as the forbidden sign (red) warning mark (yellow) instruction sign (blue) and the indicator (green).

The places where passengers are accessible, there are no exposed sharp edges, burrs and dangerous protrusions

Overloading operation is prohibited. There is no trifle for safety regardless of quality or original material.

Ensuring production safety is a huge responsibility. We must not compromise production safety for the sake of economic development. Life is the most important thing in the world, and we can not ignore any small mistake.
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