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January 22, 2018
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Plagiarism and reproduction can no longer meet the ever-improving aesthetics and standards of consumers. 
As a large-scale production of amusement equipment in Henan Province, Limeiqi Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. continues to innovate and continuously develop and is committed to producing the highest quality and The most patented product designed.
Plagiarism and reproduction
Today is to say - the most popular patented product (undersea adventure), nowadays, total 2 models, 1 and 2 generations.
Generation 1- 16seats
Lifelike dolphins, realistic octopus heads, let visitors have a feeling of swimming under the sea, the first generation of seats along the tradition, single seat set, ordinary and unique.
Generation 2- 12seats
The cute seahorse seat, the jumping octopus,is simple and not simple. 
The single and couple seats are cross-set, and the operation is full of love and innovation.
The LED lights surround the jumping octopus. under the night, the undersea adventure shows its charm, gorgeous lighting, beautiful music, rotating equipment, this beauty, only you buy it back, you can get it to its unspeakable charm. 
LED lights
The  anti-corrosion and insect-proofing paint make the equipment look brighter,showy, as if it gave these animals life, lifelike, you choose, you will fall in love, love will single-mindedness.
Profession :Magnetic Powder Inspection, Welding, International standard raw materials etc.
Magnetic Powder Inspection
Leading is not an accidental excellence, but a consistent excellence. Limeqi Amusement will continue to put quality and innovation first.
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